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Bladder Problems Specialist

Himansh Khanna, MD, FACS -  - Urologist

Himansh Khanna, MD, FACS

Urologist located in Brooklyn, NY

Bladder problems can arise from many causes and produce an array of often painful symptoms. Dr. Khanna is experienced in diagnostic and treatment techniques aimed at identifying and treating the underlying causes of bladder issues, so New York City area patients can relieve symptoms and improve their health and wellness by visiting his offices in Brooklyn, or Queens.

Bladder Problems Q&A

What causes bladder problems?

Your bladder plays a critical role in maintaining health, storing urine that has been filtered by the kidneys until the urine can be expelled by the body through urethra. Bladder problems can develop as the result of many underlying conditions, including infections and diseases. Some types of bladder problems can cause difficulty with normal urination, including urinary incontinence, painful urination or an inability to urinate fully or at all. Many bladder problems also cause some degree of pain in the bladder, and they may also be accompanied by fever or nausea, especially when an infection is involved. Dr. Khanna will use state-of-the-art methods to diagnose the cause of your bladder problem so you can get the most effective and most appropriate treatment.

How will Dr. Khanna determine what's causing my bladder symptoms?

First, Dr. Khanna will ask you for a complete medical history to identify potential risk factors that could be playing a contributing role in your disease. He'll probably also order urine tests, or urinalysis, using a sample of your urine to look for bacteria or other pathogens or substances that can help diagnose your condition. In some cases, he may use x-rays or other diagnostic scans to evaluate your bladder and other structures of your urinary tract, or he may use minimally-invasive techniques using special instruments designed to be inserted through your urethra and into your bladder so he can see the interior of your bladder and the bladder wall. This simple test, called cystoscopy, can be performed in his office.

How are bladder conditions treated?

Treatments differ based on the underlying cause, but can include lifestyle changes, medications, and even surgery when needed. Dr. Khanna will discuss your treatment options once the underlying cause has been determined.

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